It’s my Clean Energy Microgrid-iversary!

The completed installation of the solar array — actually there are two equal sized arrays here…one is AC coupled and mine is D-coupled.
My Blue Ion 2.0 system…still in the process of being tweaked during the first days, but at least we got the blue lights on!

First Year Stats for the Clean Energy Microgrid

  • Solar generation is at exactly 6 MWh, which beat the Helioscope estimate by about 20%! Guess the drought months meant better solar production. For reference, this is about twice what my EV used during a year.
  • Battery has been cycled 100% an awesome 190 times! (only 2.4% of warranty cycles!), totally over 3MWh of energy throughput!
  • Grid energy was still used (in large part due to having an electric vehicle, lower solar production in winter, electrifying large loads), and this comprised about 20% of the 7.7MWh of total energy consumption for the year. Almost all that consumption from the grid happened outside the late afternoon/evening hours, when electricity is dirtiest on the grid.

My Microgrid as a Grid Asset

  • 650kWh were exported to the grid (eg ONLY 10% of my solar production!)
  • 1,750kWh were consumed from the grid
  • Total energy consumption was around 7,700 kWh
  • With the battery, I was able to consume almost ALL my solar production, exporting only 10% of the total electricity generated (during those long, sunny summer days…when it was gobbled up to power air conditioning a few miles inland!). This means the system is also gentler on the grid than a solar-only installation, which would be pumping out a much higher amount of excess energy during the day, using the grid like a battery and contributing to the “duck curve” problem.
  • The battery enables me to NOT draw power from the grid during the evening hours (the “head of the duck” problem). This saves me money by not consuming electricity from the grid when it is most expensive (and carbon-intense) and reduces the need for the grid to provide power when it is most stressed.

Right Now Having a System Like This is Being Attacked




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Christopher Johnson

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